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Patch 1.1 Is Now Live!

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What a week! Thank you for your feedback and kind words. We loved reading your messages, laughing while watching your videos and streams… It’s through you that Ancestors lives now. As for us at Panache, we continue to work hard to improve the experience. That’s why we’re offering a 1.1 patch to fix some bugs and enhance the game, releasing today. Here is the list:

Patch Highlights

  • Enabled Cloud Saves

    To enable cloud saves, click on the gear icon next to Ancestors in your library and click Enable Cloud Save

  • Added Skip button visual feedback during cinematics

  • PS4 buttons are now supported when playing with a PS4 DualShock 4 controller on PC.

  • Reduced attack frequency

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug that sometimes prevented a frightened outsider from being reassured

  • Fixed a bug that caused animals to get up and walk for a few meters after being killed before turning into carcass

  • Fixed a bug where the player or clan members could sometimes be stuck in fall animation

  • Fixed a localization plural issue in AR/PL/RU/CN languages

  • Fixed a bug that caused both a predator and a clan member to freeze and become unresponsive

  • Fixed a bug that made items and/or piggybacked babies become invisible

  • Fixed a bug that could make the first meteorite disappear

  • Fixed a bug that made the Machairodus constantly attack the player after a character switch during combat

  • Improved game stability

Until the next updates, we wish you to live exciting adventures in the land of our ancestors!