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There are no active or announced drop campaigns

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How To Participate and Claim Twitch Drops

  • Step 1: Watch Live Streams

    Log in to Twitch and watch any Twitch Drops enabled live stream of No Rest for the Wicked for the amount of time specified in each Drops campaign

  • Step 2: Claim In Your Twitch Inventory

    Once you have earned a reward claim the reward in your Twitch Inventory.

  • Step 3: Authorize Twitch In-Game

    When the game releases, access the in-game Twitch link and "Authorize" No Rest for the Wicked with Twitch.

  • Step 4: Claim Your Rewards In-Game

    Go to Captain Randolph in Sacrament after the game’s prologue ends to redeem your rewards in-game

Twitch Drop #1 - Wicked Inside


The following items were available until March 4 and are no longer available.

  • Weapon Shard No Rest For The Wicked
    Weapon Shard

    Watch Time: 15 Minutes

    To upgrade your weapon of choice

  • armor shard
    Armor Shard

    Watch Time: 30 Minutes

    To upgrade your armor of choice

  • Dance Gesture Emote
    "Dance" Gesture Emote

    Watch Time: 45 Minutes

    Express yourself

  • fallen embers
    2 Fallen Embers

    Watch Time: 60 Minutes

    Used as an offering to gain entry to the Cerim Crucible



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