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Weekly Challenge #38: Going Ballistic

P.A.I.G.E. has gone ballistic and decided to prank us by scrambling the SAS and attitude control on all of our probe cores command modules. Fortunately, throttle and staging still seem to be working. Until IT can figure out how to re-enable P.A.I.G.E.'s ethical restraints, we're going to need you to run the space program without any guidance... literally.

Mission 1: Launch an unguided command pod above 70km and return safely to Kerbin. SAS must be turned off, and no touching the attitude keys! You can still throttle and stage though.

Mission 2: Launch an unguided communication satellite into a Kerbin orbit. Launch clamps and the part rotation tool are your friend.

Mission 3: Launch an unguided command pod and land it safely on the Island Airfield.

Mission 4: Hit the Mun with an unguided probe.