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Weekly Challenge #39: Starship Integrated Flight Test 2: Orbital Boogaloo

Your challenge is to recreate and perform all elements of a (successful) Starship integrated flight test:

  • Build a two-stage heavy lift rocket, both stages capable of autonomous flight and propulsive landing.

  • Launch and begin flying your rocket to orbit... then quicksave.

  • Decouple and boost the first stage back to the launch site, landing it on one of the four landing pads. Use those gridfins!

  • Load the quicksave, fly the second stage to orbit, then deorbit it so that it re-enters over the ocean to the west of the KSC.

  • Propulsively slow the second stage's descent so that it splashes down in one piece. (Super bonus points if you also land the second stage on a KSC landing pad instead)

Good luck, kerbonauts!