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Weekly Challenge #16 - Build a Base!

Hello Kerbonauts!

This week, we challenge you to... Build a Base!

Primary: Land 1) a habitat that can hold at least 20 Kerbals on the surface of the Mun or Minmus. It should have solar panels and at least one antenna

Secondary: Land 2) a pressurized Rover that can hold at least 6 Kerbals, and 3) a communication and observation tower which is as tall as possible!

Jeb: Use the same transport vehicle design (booster, transfer stages, sky crane, etc.) to deliver each of the previous base elements.

Val: Build this base on a body outside Kerbin's sphere of influence.

Tim C: Build this base within 1km of a unique point of interest e.g. the mohole, Dres canyon, Vall crevasse, etc.