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Weekly Challenge #2

Thank you to everybody who participated in last week’s inaugural KSP2 weekly challenge. The KSP2_challenges discord channel has received almost 1700 posts, and our team has had endless fun following all your amazing achievements - from first-time Mun landings to multi-vehicle, multi-destination flights that touched down on Eeloo! We’ve loved them all, but we’re especially proud of how supportive this community continues to be of new players who are figuring out orbital mechanics for the first time.

This week’s prompt: create an Air Launch to Orbit Rocket — that is, a rocket that’s launched from an aircraft!

·        Primary goal: get an air-launched rocket to low Kerbin orbit

·        Stretch goal: land an air-launched rocket on the Mun.

·        Jeb-level goal: land an air-launched rocket on Duna.

·        Val-level goal: launch an air-launched rocket from Laythe and land on Kerbin..