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Weekly Challenge #21 - VTHL

Challenge: VTHL

Build a VTHL, a spaceplane that launches vertically from the launch pad and lands horizontally on the runway.

Primary: Launch a small MK1 or MK2-sized kerbaled spaceplane atop a booster rocket (e.g. Dreamchaser, Dyna-Soar, X-37), orbit Kerbin, and land on the KSC runway

Secondary: Launch a large MK3 kerbaled spaceplane mounted to the side of its launch vehicle (e.g. Space Shuttle, Buran) and land it on the KSC runway

Jeb: Launch and land an SSTO VTHL (e.g. X-33/Venture Star)

Val: Transport a space station module into orbit with your SSTO VTHL and land on the runway. Then deliver a second module to the station on a second flight.