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KSP 2 Global Release Timing and Gameplay Trailer

Hello Kerbonauts!

Just one week to go until Kerbal Space Program 2’s launch into Early Access! As the gameplay trailer shows, we are hyped up for all the amazing things the community will be able to do. The whole Kerbolar system will be available day 1 and there will be some new secrets to find. So, build a plane, rocket, or rover and get ready to launch Kerbal Space Program 2!

So, when is it releasing? We made this nifty map that shows the UTC release timing. Kerbal Space Program 2 will be releasing globally at 6AM Pacific Time.

ksp 2 WW Release Timing

Global Release Times by City:

● Honolulu – 4AM

● Seattle/Los Angeles – 6 AM

● Mexico City – 8AM

● New York City – 9AM

● São Paulo – 11AM

● London – 2PM

● Munich – 3PM

● Helsinki – 4PM

● Dubai – 6PM

● Mumbai– 7:30PM

● Bangkok – 9PM

● Taipei – 10PM

● Tokyo – 11PM

● Sidney – 1AM

● Auckland– 3AM