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KSP 1 - Patch Notes v1.12.4

Hello Kerbonauts!

We here at mission control are happy to launch patch 1.12.4 on Wednesday 2nd November, 2022, which addresses the long awaited tutorial bug fixes!

We have also squashed an Alarm Clock bug that ignored custom day/year lengths.

As we are dedicating our time and effort to launching KSP 2, future patches for KSP will be less prioritized but please continue to let us know about any bugs you encounter. Happy launching and remember your parachutes!

Patch Notes Change Log:


+++ Bugfixes

* Fix Alarm Clock input fields ignoring configured custom day/year lengths.

* Fix Basic Flight tutorial.

* Fix Go For Orbit tutorial.

* Fix Intermediate Construction tutorial.

* Fix Advanced Construction tutorial.

* Fix Sub Orbital tutorial.

* Fix Craft Browser not showing the Hopper in Intermediate Construction tutorial.

New Launcher for KSP on Steam.

Will serve as a resource for news and updates about KSP & KSP 2 Early Access.

In addition, you will be able to give feedback through the launcher once KSP 2 has been released into Early Access.