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KSP2 v0.2.1.0 Release Notes

KSP2 Update v0.2.1.0 Release Notes

Bug Fixes


  • Fixed: Game crashes when moving an assembly in the VAB with a nose cone as the anchor part and any non-single symmetry mode

  • Fixed: Stack Separators placed below a vessel root part do not separate correctly causing destruction of the vessel

  • Fixed: Clicking on the Orthographic Cube while holding a part or vessel deletes it while in the VAB

  • Fixed: An exception is thrown when changing the Launch Assembly in the VAB affecting the functionality of the Delta-V tools

  • Fixed: Loading a vessel in VAB shows magenta cubes for a few seconds


  • Fixed: Black dots show on Jool when observing the planet from the surface

  • Fixed: Galaxy skybox does not rotate in some situations

  • Fixed: Stars are too dim when orbiting some celestial bodies

  • Fixed: Lighting on vessels orbiting Kerbol at a semi-major axis of >=23,000,000,000 flickers


  • Fixed: Running a surface survey when planting a flag results in the Kerbal becoming uncontrollable

  • Fixed: Running a Crew Observation from the PAM on an EVA Kerbal does not show any animation

  • Added new Kerbal Variety assets from the Exploration release to KSC Kerbals

  • Fixed: Kerbal Rocket Pin haircut does not receive correct hair colors

Flight & Map

  • Fixed: Orbital drift compensation did not take axial tilt into account consistently, leading to additional drift near Celestial Bodies with axial tilt

  • Fixed: Orbital drift compensation decreases in quality over time

  • Fixed: Decouplers require two clicks to stage

  • Fixed: LT-5 "Bandioot" landing legs collapse to minimum length when any weight is applied

  • Fixed: Vessel and KSC icons on the map are too large, particularly when closer to the camera

  • Fixed: Switching to Mission Control when paused in flight hangs the game

  • Fixed: Shielded docking ports cannot be undocked after a reload

  • Fixed: Shielded docking ports can dock when closed

  • Fixed: Vessel collision with water often only destroys the first part

  • Fixed: Heat shield automated fairings cause aerodynamic occlusion to parts near them

  • Fixed: The vessel becomes active and the scene is switched automatically to flight view of the vessel.

  • Fixed: Jet engines cannot be deactivated until throttled down to zero

  • Fixed: Surface teleport tool doesn't work in non-English languages

  • Fixed: Surface teleport tool shows incorrect maximum altitude values for some celestial bodies

  • Added new color theme to both A and B Intersect nodes on the Map"

  • Adjusted colors and iconography associated with Intersect Nodes on the Map

  • Fixed: Flight Report does not appear when crashing a vessel if the previously launched vessel had been recovered

  • Added a delay before showing the Flight Report after a vessel crashes

  • Fixed: The velocity readout in the Flight HUD only shows 4 significant figures

FX and Audio

  • Adjusted reentry VFX trigger points to more closely correlate with start of reentry heating

  • Fixed: Heat shields do not show heat glow during reentry

  • Fixed: Procedural wings do not show heat glow during reentry


  • Fixed: Missing localization of some terms in the Mission control screen

  • Fixed: Missing spaces in some languages in several sections of the Part Info window in the


  • Fixed: Incorrect localization for Research Reports collected around Dres

  • Fixed: Incorrect localization for Research Reports collected around Jool

Menus and Settings

  • Fixed: Using the Teleport tool with the maximum AP selected teleports the vessel slightly outside the target Celestial Body

  • Fixed: Cheats menu can become locked into a box on the screen and cannot be moved outside its boundaries

  • Fixed: Time Warp controls are still available when exiting to the Main Menu from within a gameplay session

  • Fixed: Part poses for some main menu animations are incorrect

Missions and Tutorials

  • Fixed: numerous errors in mission text

  • Fixed: Mission debrief text is repeated in "Minmus Monument" mission

  • Added a waypoint to guide the player as part of the "Tertiary Dibs: Platinum" mission.

  • Fixed: An orange arrow/marker persists on the map during the tutorial "Establishing an Orbit"


  • Fixed: Several memory leaks when launching or loading vessels

Parts and Stock Vessels

  • Reduced atmospheric shock heating in the upper 45% of most atmospheres significantly

  • Increased heat transport away from parts in the top 20% of most atmospheres

  • Increased stack decoupler and separator thermal masses by up to 3x

  • Increased unshielded docking port thermal masses by 1.5x, increased temperature tolerance to 800K

  • Increased thermal mass of light procedural wings, stabilizers and control surfaces by 1.5x

  • Increased thermal mass of medium procedural wings, stabilizers and control surfaces by 1.75x, increased temperature tolerance to 1350K

  • Increased thermal mass of spaceplane procedural wings, stabilizers and control surfaces by 1.2x

  • Fixed: Surface attached lights don't function when first launching a vessel

  • Fixed: Solar panels occlusion is not calculated correctly near and past Jool

  • Improved: RSCM-01 "Sample Grabber" arm incorrectly deploys in many situations

  • Fixed: Crater Crusher stock vessel has its solar panels incorrectly oriented

Saving and Loading

  • Fixed: The Burn Timer window does not show staging events after loading a save with an active maneuver

  • Fixed: Vessels lose functionality if loading a save that was made outside of flight mode in certain situations

  • Fixed: Reverting to


    with multiple vessels on the runway causes one of them to become unuseable


  • Changed the behavior of experiments that take time: they will no longer pause when leaving a valid research location and will instead enter a suspended state until you return to the original region, where they will restart without player input

  • Fixed: The Science action button flashes for already-completed experiments

  • Fixed: Mission notifications appear in Sandbox mode

  • Fixed: Experiment crew requirements depend on the vessel's crew intead of the part's crew

  • Fixed: Orbital Surveys do not work in Low or High Kerbol orbit

  • Fixed: Using the Transmit All button in the Research Inventory re-transmits already completed experiments


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