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Weekly Challenge #20 - Land on Eeloo

This weeks challenge destination: Eeloo! That’s right we’re going all the way out the edge of the Kerbolor System to explore the icy canyons of KSP2’s loneliest planet (Until the Debdeb System arrives, anyway.) Your mission:

  • Primary goal:

    Fly and uncrewed probe through Eeloo’s sphere of influence and take some pretty screenshots as you sail past

  • Seconary goal:

    Land a Kerbal on Eeloo

  • Jeb-level goal:

    Land a crewed rover on Eeloo, tour a canyon with it, and then return the crew to Kerbin

  • Val-level goal:

    Hit the Jeb-level goal with a gravity assist from Jool

Don’t forget to bring a sweater!