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Kerbal Space Program 2 Early Access is Out Now!

Kerbonauts, it’s finally time! Kerbal Space Program 2 blasts off into Early Access today! Pioneer the game with us as we enter the deep space journey of Early Access. Your feedback and suggestions can help shape the future of the game. Make sure to join the Discord, subreddit, and/or forums, and follow us on social media! We’ll be posting frequent game development updates, challenges, and much more across these channels. Don’t miss out!

For information on how to submit feedback, checkhere:

Grab a snack and delve into Kerbal Space Program 2 Early Access! We can’t wait to see what you build, discover, and accomplish.

From all of us at Intercept Games and Private Division, thank you for your support. Enjoy a new cinematic trailer to watch over and over! Happy launching!