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Kerbal Space Program

In Kerbal Space Program, take charge of the space program for the alien race known as the Kerbals.

ESRB Everyone
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Screenshots and Videos


Compare Editions

  • Kerbal Space Program

    Kerbal Space Program

    • Base Game
  • Kerbal Space Program Complete Edition

    Kerbal Space Program Complete Edition

    • Base Game
    • Making History Expansion
    • Breaking Ground Expansion

Key Features

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Build Spaceships

Build spaceships, rockets, and vehicles using any imaginable combination of parts, each with their own function that will affect the way your spacecraft behaves.

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Manage Your Crew

Manage your Kerbal crewmembers, including hiring, training, and sending them into space to become heroes.

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Develop New Technology

Research and develop new technologies to extract valuable information and resources from all over the solar system, and much more!

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Fly, Discover and Explore

Fly around and discover a whole star system with unique moons and planets, exploring detailed terrain at a vast scale.




System Requirements


OS Windows 7 SP1, macOS 10.12+ 64-bit, macOS 10.12+ 64-bit
Processor Core 2 Duo
Memory 4GB RAM
Graphics SM3 512MB VRAM
Disk 4 GB HD space


OS Windows 10 64-bit, macOS 10.12+ 64-bit, Ubuntu 18.04 LTS
Processor Core i5
Memory 4 GB RAM
Graphics SM4 1GB VRAM
Disk 4 GB HD space

More News


Game Details

Genre Simulation
Developer Squad
Publisher Private Division

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Supported Languages

English, Spanish (Spain), Simplified Chinese, Japanese, Russian, French, Italian, German, Portuguese


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